Your journey at NYPT begins with a one-on-one nutrition strategy session. We will devise a personalized nutrition program to help you on your path to better health in a truly holistic fashion.

All you have to do is make a commitment to success and we’ll give you the personal attention you need to help you make the right changes in your eating habits.

With our extensive expertise in science-based nutrition, we will develop an individualized plan that will give you the immediate confidence that you can and will achieve your goals and lead a healthy life. Nutritional health is our primary focus, but we also recognize that wellness and lasting health come from a balance of nourishment and emotional/physical strength.

NYPT proudly offers the following Metabolic BluePrint nutrition package options:

All Metabolic BluePrint plans are 3 months in duration. Personalize your plan by choosing how often you meet with your Nutrition Coach.

Base Cost (Nutrition Plan Only)
Monthly coaching sessions
additional $225 (One session per month)
Bi-Weekly coaching sessions
additional $450 (Two sessions per month)
Weekly coaching sessions
additional $900 (4 sessions per month)

*Results vary depending on personal health profile and adherence to program.