NYPT Health and Rehab

  • Rehabilitate Injuries
  • Strengthen and Condition Your Entire Body
  • Work toward Muscular-Skeletal Balance
  • Become Functionally Stable
  • Combine Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, and Nutrition
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The NYPT Clinical Exercise Program has been designed to assist the client in transitioning to a physically active lifestyle.

The NYPT Personal Trainers work in conjunction with our affiliated medical doctors and physical therapists to help you establish and implement an appropriate exercise program.

The training candidate is seen by the doctor and, depending on current physical condition, is prescribed physical therapy.

The training will be performed at the NYPT studio by NYPT Athletic Trainers, under the guidance of Richard Sarmiento, our Physical Therapist who will oversee the program.

After the initial Consultation, you will work with one of the qualified NYPT Athletic Trainers to implement the prescribed program.

As necessary you will be re-evaluated by either the doctor or physical therapist, who will track your progress and consult with your personal trainer to assure proper implementation of the program.

Our New York Physical Therapy Office proudly accepts the following health insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield / Empire
  • United / Oxford
  • Call to schedule an appointment 646 484-5763